Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dole de Sion.

The Swiss export very little of their wine as moist of it is consumed within its borders. Which is a pity as some of it is very good.

On my first skiing trip to Switzerland, I drank a glass of Dole de Sion with my first evening meal. It reminded me of a Pinot Noir de Alsace which I had drunk in Le Vieux Douanier during a weekend visit to Strasbourg and also of Beaujolais, which is made from the Gamay grape.

Pinot Noir, which is what Burgundy is made from, is not my favorite grape variety, but I will occasionally buy a bottle out of interest and I have to say I enjoyed the Pinot Noir I drank in Strasbourg, which did not have the flavour which I normally associate with the variety.

Wishing to find out a little more about Dole de Sion, I opened a guide book to Switzerland in my hotel room after my meal.

What is Dole de Sion made from?

Pinot Noir and Gamay!

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