Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thirty some years ago, John Lennon released Happy Xmas, War Is Over as a prelude to the end of the Vietnam War. Now JTM and Op-Critical have released a remake of the song with new lyrics, called Happy Springtime, Bush Is Over. In the original, the Harlem Children’s Choir sang the hook, and in our new version, the Harmonic Angels do a terrific job on the chorus and the hook. Here is the video of the band and the choir, complete with footage of Yoko Ono’s giant Imagine Peace billboard and her Peace Prayer Trees that she put in Washington in early April.

Enjoy, spread the message, spread the links and imagine peace.

anthony says: Awesome, simply awesome! John Lennon would have just loved this use of his single.

For some reason, the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin in Washington DC came to mind while posting this video. I don’t know why. Is it because cherry trees in blossom is such a powerful symbol of Spring? Is it because the United States was once at war with Japan and is now at peace? Is it because the trees were a gift of Japan to the United States? Is it because Yoko Ono is Japanese?

“Springtime for Hitler and Germany” is the title of a song in that somewhat inappropriate film, The Producers. Let us all hope that it is now springtime for lovers of peace, truth and justice everywhere.

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