Saturday, April 14, 2007

Now we have the Proof

Yesterday, I posted a story on how Wisconsin Department of Administration employee, Georgia Thompson, was jailed for allegedely steering a contract to democratic Governor, James Doyle's re-election campaign and how an appeal court freed her after oral debate, finding the evidence for her conviction "beyond thin".

We asked: Did Biskupic's name feature on a list of U.S. Attorney's due to be fired? And did Biskupic escape by the skin of his teeth as a result of his overzealous prosecution of this case?

A reminder:

Now, we have the proof, just out from McClatchy:

A U.S. attorney in Wisconsin who prosecuted a state Democratic official on corruption charges during last year's heated governor's race was once targeted for firing by the Department of Justice, but given a reprieve for reasons that remain unclear. A federal appeals court last week threw out the conviction of Wisconsin state worker Georgia Thompson, saying the evidence was "beyond thin."

Congressional investigators looking into the firings of eight U.S. attorneys saw Wisconsin prosecutor Steven M. Biskupic's name on a list of lawyers targeted for removal when they were inspecting a Justice Department document not yet made public, according to an attorney for a lawmaker involved in the investigation. The attorney asked for anonymity because of the political sensitivity of the investigation.

This will be big.

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