Monday, April 09, 2007


Kevin Drum
Washington Monthly
April 9, 2007

Michael Isikoff reports that Alberto Gonzales has wiped his schedule clean and brought the Justice Department to a "state of paralysis" in order to prepare for his April 17 testimony before Congress. Apparently it's not going well:

At a recent "prep" for a prospective Sunday talk-show interview, Gonzales's performance was so poor that top aides scrapped any live appearances. During the March 23 session in the A.G.'s conference room, Gonzales was grilled by a team of top aides and advisers — including former Republican National Committee chair Ed Gillespie and former White House lawyer Tim Flanigan — about what he knew about the plan to fire seven U.S. attorneys last fall. But Gonzales kept contradicting himself and "getting his timeline confused," said one participant who asked not to be identified talking about a private meeting. His advisers finally got "exasperated" with him, the source added. "He's not ready," Tasia Scolinos, Gonzales's public-affairs chief, told the A.G.'s top aides after the session was over, said the source.

Everyone prepares for congressional testimony, but this is ridiculous. If Gonzales was planning to simply tell the truth, he wouldn't "keep contradicting himself" in practice sessions and he wouldn't need to bring his schedule to a standstill in order to figure out what he's planning to say. He'd just review the appropriate documents to make sure he had his dates straight and then tell Congress what happened.

Obviously, though, that's not quite what he's planning to do, is it?

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teak said...

Gonzales, IMHO, has lied every time he appears before Congress. As long as Congress (Arlen Specter) kept allowing him to lie, he just kept on doing it.

Thanks for the comments, Anthony , on my blog.

I've been busy getting my computer up again. I seen that about JFK and St. John Hunt's story about his dad. (I am the one that mainly posts as Anon. on that old board, sshh.) I have brain fog due to illness so I skip around researching and looking stuff up. Too bad this old brain doesn't work well or remember to put it all together. If you need someone to do searches on a subject or need blogging ideas, drop a note on my blog. Personally, I think it is funny when a story breaks on RawStory or the MSM and I already knew it from just using a bit of this and a bit of that keywords. ;)