Saturday, April 14, 2007

Incredibly Subtle 'Freeway Blogs' of the Moment...


anthony says: "Succinct and to the point!"

It was "60 feet long and only lasted about fifteen minutes," the legendary and mysterious Freeway Blogger reports about the above handiwork, courtesy of a brave minion in Chicago. But it was "well worth it according to the artists," says FB, who points out the sign, seen by thousands in that short moment, was "Made with cheap latex paint and disposable plastic tablecloths: about ten dollars for a hundred foot roll. Brilliant."

But leave it to the legendary and mysterious one himself to hit it out of the park with this latest beauty featuring what just may be one of the best catch phrases of our time...

"Blowing the job" bumper stickers coming soon, FB tells us, along with a request that we alert folks to his new "public punditry" contest in league with a few other freedom fighting sites.

Consider it done, and a job decidedly not blown, amigo...Far it be for The BRAD BLOG to leave any unfortunate stain on our reputation.

(Be sure to click the link above, btw, for a sampling of some of FB's greatest historical hits!)


teak said...


I have not found much on emails. But I did run across this. I think we have been lied to about many, many things for a very long time.

The trouble is that Jews think they control the Senate: US Senator | Wake Up From Your Slumber

Video: 1967 mass murder of unarmed Egyptians by israelis | Wake Up From Your Slumber

I have always believed both sides must be heard to find solutions. Have we been brainwashed or the very least been taught only half the truth?

Suzie-Q said...


IMHO.. if we even knew half of the would cause an uproar something fierce in this country!

anthony said...

I am not antisemitic, have a number of Jewish friends and friends with Jewish blood, and, as a Bible-believing Christian, believe that Jews have a God-given right to live in the land that God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants through Isaac's bloodline.

I was also at one time very much influenced in my thinking about Israel by Joan Peter's Since Time Immemorial.

The problem is if one criticises Israel, or Zionism, one is immediately tarred with the same brush as the holocaust deniers.

The Anti-Defamation League is very powerful in America and can immediately label anyone as antismetic who criticises Israel and the Israel lobby have too much power.

Jimmy Carter is not antisemitic, but his recent book got him labelled as such.

anthony said...

teak, you may remember that broohaha on the Faux Fitz blogsite when I and a number of others posted links to antizionist websites and we were immediately labelled as antisemites and LaRouchies.

teak said...

Exactly Anthony. I'm not racist either, but I am against hiding the truth and stirring the chaos for other cultures when one doesn't admit their own faults. Hmm, we should look at ourselves, America. There can never be peace unless both sides are heard.
I certainly understand about speaking out and being called LaRouche or a kook. Perhaps some people might be abused or used for what they know, they invent, or they can do for certain evil-doers?
Don't blame the people, blame the manipulators and the people who don't allow the truth to be told. Dysfunctional cycles are not broken by hate, silence and violence.

It is hard to truly move forward unless you understand the past in full truth. The why, how, what and who. If it embarrasses some if the truth is told, then we need to ask how much they want to seek peace and change for all mankind. PEACE for everyone's children and planet.